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Avoid The Summer Slump and Prepare For September Now

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The summer slump is a real phenomenon, where students lose information and skills they have previously gained over the summer, which can lead to poor performance the following year. In order to break this trend, it is essential that parents accept and support the idea of children participating in some summer learning. In order to help survive the summer and encourage learning, I have listed some suggestions that may be useful:

1) Set expectations ahead of time. The key to summer learning is to have a clear plan, post an agenda and ensure you follow it.

2) Focus on the essentials. Every child is different, but some of the skills that tend to get lost over the summer are: measurement, basic math computation (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), reading fluency and reading for understanding. Working on these skills once a week will help your children be prepared for the next school year. I would suggest practicing reading fluency and basic math facts daily for 20 minutes and split the remaining time with the other areas of need. As an owner of a tutoring company, I also suggest having a tutor come twice a week and offer structured teaching time to ensure your child is learning what they should.

3) Learning Apps: Learning doesn’t have to be pencil to paper. Apps are a great way to engage children. Typing, math and word study apps, along with ebooks, are great ways to hook children into the process and to track their growth. There are literally too many to mention and a simple search should help you find one right for your child.

4) Read to your children. At the end of busy summer days, have the family curl up together and read a book. Perhaps you could choose a novel together and make it a “family book club” Ask comprehension questions. For example, “Why do you think the main character did that? Have you ever felt like that character? What do you think will happen next?”

With just a bit of organization and follow through, your child can avoid a rough start in September. For children with learning disabilities and ADHD summer learning can help them bridge the gap between themselves and their peers.


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