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Should You Be Worried?

Each day our children are sent off to a giant building under the care of adults we trust. We can’t be there to see what happens or to help them through the day to day issues they may encounter. Tackling adversity can make kids into strong, successful adults. Allowing children the space to solve their own issues is key to development. Yet, there are some issues that require parental intervention

Here are some signs you should be getting involved.

1) Persistent “bad” mood. Kids will have bad days and come home overwhelmed and that’s normal. However, if each day your child seems either to be upset, sad, or angry-it becomes necessary to contact the school to figure out why. As always, speaking with your family doctor or pediatrician in cases like this may be necessary.

2) Conflicts that don’t go away. Children will bicker and have disagreements with other children. Friendships often shift and change over a school year. Friendship groups may contain different children as the year progresses. However, if one child, or one group of children seem to be targeting your child and if your child has been unable stop this targeting-it may be necessary to speak to the school. Also, if your child is consistently alone, they may require social skills training on top of school support.

3) Lunch not being eaten. This can be a sign of anxiety, bullying or your child having attention issues during lunch period. If this is a constant issue, please first speak with your child to get their side of the story and then you may want to speak to the teacher.

4) Their stuff goes missing. If they fail to come home with the things you send them to school with it can be a sign of bullying, learning disabilities, and/or a child being overwhelmed. Start making a note of what they are leaving behind, check with the school to see if it’s in the class or lost and found. If it continues to happen it may be necessary to work with professionals to develop an intervention strategy to help your child organize.

Don’t be afraid to go with your gut. As a parent you know when something is wrong with your child. Reach out to anyone who can be of help: teachers, tutors, doctors and psychologists, if you believe your child is struggling.


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