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Start Now To Be Successful In September

Success in the Fall always begins at the end of Spring. There are some simple things you can do now to help your child flourish in September.

1) Discuss Your Concerns for Next Year Now

If your child has an IEP set a meeting with the Special Education Resource Teacher or SERT to discuss two main issues.

Whether the IEP needs major changes and what those changes could be. Also, if your

child has a modified program it is essential that between yourself, the classroom teacher, and the SERT that you evaluate whether they met the goals that had been set out. If they were met, new goals should be established and if they weren’t a longer conversation should be had about how to remove the roadblocks that are impacting your child.

It is completely appropriate for you to make some requests about the teacher your child

will be getting next year. This person will be spending a considerable amount of time with your child and voicing your opinions can help your child get the right fit.

This can all be done at a transition meeting that you can request right now. Contact your SERT and/or principal to begin this process.

2) Set Summer Learning Expectations Now

If you would like your child to read, practice math and engage in at home learning this summer I would start putting a routine in place now. A reward chart for math and reading progress can be a great motivator. Download the right apps for math practice. (I use math workout for android). If they start practicing in June they are more likely to continue in July.

3) Nurture Your Children’s Friendships Over the Summer

Your child will most likely spend time with their closest friends over the summer or perhaps your child is struggling to make friends. For a healthy attitude towards school children need to have a strong friend base. Start making an effort to get phone numbers from parents of acquaintances or children that your child might want to be friends with. Encouraging relationships with other age appropriate children can help your child have a larger support group at school.

In June, September feels years away but the steps and decisions you make now will help make next year a success.


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