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Why Summer Tutoring is A Must

The sun is shining today and we have six weeks left of the school year.

I want to talk to you about summer tutoring.

Summer tutoring is essential for any student who is falling behind or any child with a learning disability.

In June, homework almost completely stops and the focus of our tutoring changes. It is hard for me as a professional to hear that families are taking the entire summer off. I do get it--there are vacations and leisure time and rigorous soccer/activities schedules that make adding tutoring on top of that unappealing.

Reasons why it is important:

Time to Fill In The Gaps: Learning issues can mean that elements of the curriculum get completely missed. This can exacerbate problems the following year when students are expected to build upon prior knowledge. Over the summer, it’s important to go over any area our students struggled with during the school year so they are set up for success.

Reinforcing “Drill” Learning: It’s hard when your child has homework each night to make time to help them master the math facts that need to be automatic (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). The summer is a great time to master these facts. Being able to understand math at a more complex level requires mastery of these facts.

Catching up to Their Peers: The summer slump is a real phenomenon. If a child does not have structured learning for two months-they lose skills, work habits and their knowledge base. While other children are losing skills, it’s essential for children with learning issues to bridge that gap by participating in summer learning. They will make gains while their peers make losses.

More importantly, children with learning issues are disproportionately impacted by the summer slump. In September, they can star even further behind than they were in June--and the gap with their peers is bigger.

By all means, summer is meant to be enjoyed and I don’t think children should spend their summers indoors working away all day. Two structured hours a week during weeks when you aren’t on vacation is all it takes to ensure that your child is set up for September


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