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Your Children Need To Be Doing Chores

Your kids need to be doing more chores. They need it more than you need the break. Below you will find my top 4 reasons that children 8 years and older should be doing chores:

1) They teach time management. Learning to factor in their own needs and wants with the needs and wants of the rest of the family is essential for building strong internal executive functioning skills. Even if you need to prompt your child-this practice will strengthen their ability to prioritize tasks in the future.

2) It will build confidence. How do you feel when you do something for someone else? Don’t deny your child the ability to contribute to the family. They will feel useful being able to take something off of your busy plate. They will see themselves as responsible and this will give them an incentive them to act responsible in the future.

3) It will teach them the importance of doing things you do not want to do. How often do you do things you don’t want to do? Having young children do chores build the skill of “work before fun”, which is an important skill moving into adolescence.

4) It teaches self-reliance. Students with learning disabilities often have had to rely on their parents to obtain success. However, doing whatever chore you assign independently will show them that they can rely on themselves.

5) It prepares them for the working world. Ask any manager you know and they’ll tell tales of new hires who don’t know how to mop or how to complete an entire shift without complaining. Chores are a way of teaching essential life skills that your child can’t get anywhere else.

I know a lot of parents are hesitant to give chores because it can be more work having to follow up with their child constantly to ensure the job get done. Chasing your child to do homework can be aggravation enough. What I would suggest is that “family chore time” can make things easier. If everyone is contributing at the same time, you cut down on getting your child to “buy in” to chores.

Lastly, a visual schedule that breaks down the steps of these chores might be necessary for success and will boost your child’s ability to complete tasks independently. Please see, “You Need A Visual Schedule.”


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