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Student organizational support. Our tutors will help organize any school work/binders during the session. However, organization is more than that. We help at the home with organization from where they leave their stuff when they get home, to how they keep their room and their learning area. For students with ADHD or other organizational issues this is a must. $120

Family organizational support. Disorganized children can cause organizational issues for a whole home. From developing a visual schedule, to developing chore routines, strengthening homework routines and creating any other consistent routine for your family. $240

Learning Disability Education Sessions in your home. Getting everyone on the same page is essential for success with learning disabilities and ADHD. I will personally come to your home, and present both a child friendly presentation for your child and their siblings and a more detailed adult presentation for the parents/guardians or other involved family members. These have been very helpful to educate aunts/uncles and grandparents, as well. $240

School Advocacy. Helping to get the school on board is essential to success. Meeting with your child’s team is critical. I can come help make sure the IEP is being followed, sharing strategies with the school to increase engagement during the day and to help foster better communication. Fee is $100/hr minimum one hour.

IEP Creation and Re-Write. IEPs are often generic and do not fit the needs of your child. Accommodations are essential for success. I can help maximize and refine your IEP. $120

Parent Meetings. Sometimes the complexity of school and home life can require more in depth coordination. Though as always phone meetings, emails and discussions at the door with your tutor are free, if you need more guidance you can always book a meeting.$100/hr--minimum one hour.

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